Terms and Conditions

1. You are of  African Origin (at least one parent)


2.You are resident in the United Kingdom.


3. You are single and aged between the ages of 16 and 35.


4. You are not pregnant at the time of Application.


5. If crowned Miss Africa GB, you agree to carry out your duties which include attending events and charity work when required. Failure to do so may result in you being stripped off your title which will then go to the 1st runner up. You will forfeit any prizes not yet received.


6.Initial application costs £30 and is non — refundable. If you are selected for the finals, you will be required to raise £200 in sponsorship. This covers preparation and training fees. This fee(£200) is only payable by qualified finalists and is non refundable. You will be given a sponsorship pack to help you with raising your fee. Anyone that sponsors you(individual or business) will receive a VIP Ticket worth £50 to the show, A free advert of any legal product in our brochure given out at the finals(1,000) copies and an advert on missafricagb.com for one year.


7. You promise to abide by the rules of the Miss Africa GB  organisation at all times.


8. You have not posed nude, topless or been involved in any public show of indecency.


9.You are without a criminal record.


10. You will return your crown after your reign or pay £200 to keep it. The sash will be yours for keeps.


11.If you are are 16-17, you must be accompanied by an adult to the auditions.




Yes.Miss Africa GB contestants must be at least 16 years of age and under 36 years of age by February 1st in the year they hope to compete in the Miss Africa GB  pageant



Contestants may compete more than once but a maximum of three times.



No.While some feel more prepared when they work with an experienced person who can give them tips on competition,many women have won titles without any outside training. 



No,contestants may not be married or pregnant.The title holders are also required to remain single/unmarried throughout their reign.


Reigning Title holders ( sashed winner, 1st or 2nd Runner up)of any Pageant cannot compete for the Miss Africa GB Pageant.


Reigning Title holders* cannot compete in another pageant during their reign.


Applicant understands and agrees that the Miss Africa GB Pageant shall determine all issues as to eligibility to compete and the contestant must agree to abide by that determination both as to themselves and other applicants.


Terms and Conditions are subject to change or review at any time.